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Chiropractic Treatment

For over a decade, Dailey Chiropractic Care has successfully treated a variety of conditions including:

Neck and Back Pain
 – Headache – 
/Sinus Congestion and Pressure –  Restless Leg Syndrome – Sciatica – 
Disc Problems – 
 – Hip Pain
 – Shoulder Pain 
- Arthritis – 
Arm Pain – 
Dizziness –  Numbness
 – Painful Joints
 – Stress Related Symptoms
 – Neuropathy – Cold/Flu and many more.

Science of Chiropractic

One of the first body systems to form in an unborn child is the central nervous system. The brain, spinal cord, and nerves help in the formation of all other body systems. The nerves flowing through the vertebrae which surrounds the spinal cord send signals to the immune system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, digestive system, etc… and those systems react to those signals. If the nerve signals are impeded due to misalignment of the vertebrae (known as “subluxation”), the body system receiving the signals may become impaired and reduce the ability of that system to function properly.  In addition to obvious symptoms such as back pain, numbness, and headaches, this could lead to a weakened immune system leaving you more susceptible to illness. Similarly, chiropractic treatment has helped patients with conditions ranging from allergies to digestive issues to reproductive difficulties by adjusting vertebrae and clearing the way for the signals sent from the central nervous system to communicate directly with the other body systems. When the nerve signals are unimpeded, the whole body can function at peak efficiency and maximum functionality.

Dr. Jennifer Dailey practices a drug-free, hands-on approach to healthcare. Dr. Dailey focuses on diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of your symptoms, as opposed to merely masking the symptoms temporarily with medication. Over the course of treatment, the symptoms subside as the root cause producing those symptoms is corrected. Dailey Chiropractic Care offers a variety of treatments, therapies, and programs to assist anyone who wants to live a better life by utilizing the body’s natural functions to heal itself. Chiropractic offers much more than the treatment of back and neck pain!

Dailey Chiropractic Care

Dailey Chiropractic Care sets itself apart from others by utilizing the Pro-Adjuster®. The Pro-Adjuster® is a computerized, objective piece of diagnostic equipment used to determine the mobility of the spine and locate subluxations. After subluxations are located, the Pro-Adjuster® applies corrective percussive impulses to the selected vertebra until correction is detected.  There are several major benefits to offering the Pro-Adjuster® to patients:imageedit_3_5253385517

  • The equipment is objective, by producing a graphical interpretation of spinal mobility; the system leaves little room for error. The patient gets the proper adjustment, every time.
  • The system incorporates patient education as a step in the treatment. With this technology, the doctor can show the patient abnormalities and the improvement in function after treatment.
  • By utilizing percussive impulses to correct subluxations, patients who are uncomfortable with the traditional manual adjustment can now be treated effectively and comfortably without the popping and cracking sound associated with the traditional chiropractic adjustment!

To treat your condition most effectively, Dr. Dailey may incorporate other chiropractic techniques and therapy into treatment plans including:




Cox Flexion/Distraction


Myofascial Release

Photo by Lisa Johnston

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Traction/Roller Table Therapy


Photo by Lisa Johnston